Red Chilies

3 thoughts on “Red Chilies”

  1. Hi Sarath,We enjoyed watching the TV show on the Travel Channel.As I told your brother I would give it an A and not an A+,because we did not like the first two segments>However reading your blog tells me why you did what you did.The part I liked the most was the burgher lady and her lumpries! But I find you liked that the least-I guess it could be both generational and a clash of cultures!

    You make us all very proud-and wish you all the very best in any future endevours.

    We wish you all the best,and if you ever visit Naples,you are most welcome in our home.
    Love from us.Mahappa.

  2. Sarath (Skiz),

    It must be the generational!! Our Unc seems to like it the best. To me that was a little too ‘scripted’. Hema, Hema, Hema…… and as someone else mentioned – she seemed bitter.

    Taking Tony to places like Cinnamon Grand / lagoon would have spoilt the whole show. You hit the places smack on.

    Reading all this – I am going back in years – going to Park Avenue Restuarant (Unc Egerton’s fav) – and sorta remember Leela. Talk about going down memory lane!!!
    Come by to your birth state – you have a place here too (and we will even let you cook).

    Luckily I recorded the show – Natasha wanted a copy – so will be sending a copy to her.

    1. Ha! Our whacky uncle. Alas the Park Street Lodge is no longer. They just tore it down last time I was there. Leela, is, of course, still truckin’ and looking better than ever after her move out of Colombo.

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