My First Curry

15 thoughts on “My First Curry”

  1. Dear Skiz,

    I and my husband loved your show with Tony. We are both from Tamilnadu, India and enjoy Srilankan food very much when we travel to toronto. Never knew so much about srilanka till now, even though we had lived all our lives in India. We are settled in Detroit for the past 12 years.

    Wonderful show and hope you do a part -II for the show !. Also, pl share those wonderful recipes with us in your blog.

    Convey our regards to leela amma too.



    1. Thanks very much Krishna. I am also a big fan of Chettinad food from southern India. I really wish the Jaffna food segment had made the final cut as well. Anyway, I plan to post more recipes on the blog, but if you go back to the first entry you will find the recipes for Leela’s Chilaw Crab Curry.

      all the best,

  2. Skiz,

    I am a foody at heart. When I eat something I like, it is inevitable that I must learn how to make it. I love American food but find myself drawn to the healthier side of Eastern cooking. Rice is the staple to most of my meals. I can cook many different ethnic foods. It is a shame that I have ALWAYS been afraid to try anything involving curry and have let the chefs at my favorite restaurants take care of this for me. Not to mention that being a single parent I was afraid that I would be the only one eating it as I was unsure if my children would try it. They have a wider range of “food love” than any other kids that I know, but have shyed away from curry so far. After watching the show with Tony (I love that show) I thought I would try to find where I could get your book. Finding this website, I tried the dish above, “My First Curry”. Not only was it easy it was a good meal for during the week as I could prepare the chicken over night and then cook it when I got home from work, a working mother’s dream. AND…. they ate it and liked it. I can only thank you for now giving me the courage to experiment more, for introducing my children to curry and for “My First Curry” as well.

    Good luck!


    1. Judy:

      Thanks! That makes me very happy because my aim is to introduce Sri Lankan cooking in the west. You were bold enough to try it, and now you see for yourself how easy and good it was. Bravo! And a curry only gets better the next day. I will be adding more recipes from my cookbook in the future, but if you are interested in seeing a preview of the book I invite you to check it out at


  3. Skiz,

    hey man your book is hard to find!!! ever since I heard you mentioned your book in N.R. I’ve been wanting to get it….I want Leela’s recipe for that crab curry lol. but seems like the bigger bookstores here in chicago doesn’t have it yet?!?(is that true or i just needed new contacts?) so where can i get a copy of your book?


    1. Tim:

      Rice & Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking by S.H Fernando Jr. is available online at I had put it in a couple blog entries, but don’t want to look like too much of a self-promoter!


  4. tried this today bro…and I can’t describe how good the gravy is, its just simply addicting and very rice intensive lol. despite the fact that the entire house smells like curry since i forgot to shut the bedroom doors, i could care less about that, i’m looking forward to tomorrow’s curry day #2, it will probably be better the 2nd day anyway.


  5. Skiz,
    The chicken curry was amazing, spicy and delicious. I am a Sri Lankan and have been making chicken curry for about ten years. I have to tell you, yours is the best. The chicken curry made from your recipe brought back pleasant memories of my childhood. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Veronica. Glad it turned out well. There’s more where that came from. Check out:
      Rice & Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking at


  6. oh wow! this recipe sounds amazing!

    a few months ago, i’ve been lucky enough to cook with a wonderful sri lankan lady and i’ve been in love with the cuisine ever since. i’m so happy to have found your blog

    1. Thanks! I’l be posting more recipes, but they are all available in my book:

      Rice & Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking by S.H. Fernando Jr. available at

  7. Skiz,

    Great recipe. I found out about your site through the No Reservations show. As a fellow Fernando, I can relate to your story about your mothers kitchen. I grew up on the bland food of the english man but have since wanted to get back to my culinary roots.

    Keep it up!

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