No Reservations:Sri Lanka Day 4 – Lampreis

9 thoughts on “No Reservations:Sri Lanka Day 4 – Lampreis”

  1. We would really like the recepie for the Lampries that the lady made for Tony at her house. Please the whole process including the meat mixture and spices. We live in NYC so all the ingredients shouldn’t be hard to find….Thanks, C

    1. There are actually 6 different dishes in lampreis and it is very time-consuming to prepare. I didn’t even include this recipe in my book because its so complicated, but I might post it up here soon. Speaking of which, I invite you to check out my book, Rice&Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking at


  2. Hi,

    I recently saw the No Reservations Program on Sri Lankan Cooking.

    It was so exciting to watch Steve and you Skiz1 enjoying Sri Lankan food on location 🙂

    Thanks for creating a blog based on the program!

  3. Just yesterday, I had lampries. Bought it from a Sri Lankan restaurant here in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. It was quite nice 🙂 And it came wrapped in a burnt banana / plantain leaf !!!

    But I’m positive that they don’t make it the way it is really meant to be prepared. Being a small Sri Lankan eatery, they couldn’t be bothered about doing it the traditional way.

    Would love to try it in Sri Lanka and see how it tastes there. Does anyone know where in Sri Lanka I can try this special dish ?

  4. Well, if the answer is going to be ‘Colombo’s Dutch Burgher Union’, then my next question is, is it open for the public ?

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