No Reservations: Sri Lanka Day 5 – Biriyani

12 thoughts on “No Reservations: Sri Lanka Day 5 – Biriyani”

  1. I love the seera samba as well as basmat. My mum makes a super super biryani with basmati and chunks of mutton yummmmmmmy. Ayesha

  2. Can you please give me more specific directions to rifka’s? I absolutely want to try this before I leave. Thanks.

    1. Rifka’s is just a cartering company, but they sell their biriyani packets at the Hilton Hotel, I believe. They just let us eat at their kitchen location for the Bourdain shoot.

      1. Thank you so much. I’ll swing by Hilton when I’m in the city to get some. Loved the show. Going to get your book when I get home. Thanks again!

      2. hi Skiz,
        I will be in Colombo and Jaffna next month. Could you suggest few places to try out good authntic Singhalese and Muslim food?

      3. Hi Ram:

        I get so many requests like yours, so what I advise is to do a search in my blog for “Colombo” or “Sri Lankan food” and all the posts that I have done about places over there will come up. Do have a good trip and enjoy the food!


    1. Thank you Faraska. No still works & it is the correct no. It is Rifka Caterers at No 185. Church Road, Slave Island, Colombo 2. Always call first. Avoid Mondays b’cos you can’t get Watalappan on Monday’s!!!!

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