Staten Island Sri Lankan (Part 2)

5 thoughts on “Staten Island Sri Lankan (Part 2)”

  1. thanks for this. am headed to SI tonight to check it out. was in SL in march and miss the food terribly! ~Anastasia

    1. Your more than welcome! Catch me next time at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene selling my homemade roasted curry powder. I will be there next on Saturday, May 23rd.

  2. I stopped by Victory Blvd. to buy a banana blossom the other day and was shocked to discover that the grocery store with perhaps the best name in the history of groceries stores, Grocery Lanka, had changed its name to the oh so dull Lanka Grocery. What a tragic mistake! Still, the new management seems just as nice as the old, and the selection of products almost identical. I would have kept the brilliant name and saved getting a new awning for later.

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