Skiz’s Original Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Powder

10 thoughts on “Skiz’s Original Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Powder”

  1. I just got my jar of Skiz’s Original Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Powder today.. and, damn son…. this stuff smells like paradise. I opened the jar and was stopped cold in my tracks by the pungent, smoky, savory scent…. this stuff is the dank, the super potent stuff.

    I haven’t cooked with it yet, but it smells much, much better than my own attempt at roasting Sri Lankan curry powder. I’m already glad to have it!

    do you have a link to a fish recipe that works well with it?

    1. Thanks, Brett. Just got back from NYC where I was the selling the powder at a popular Brooklyn street fair. I will post a fish curry recipe soon!


  2. Sri Lankan defintiely is one of the last undiscovered culinary gems. Could you imagine if every Thai / Indian place in America got switched with a Sri Lankan restaurant for a month? I think a LOT of people wouldn’t want to go back.

    Great work on getting Sri Lankan cuisine on TV and for your new curry powder. I will support ya and recommend it all the way, but I think it would help turn people on to have easy to access to recipes. I know a lot of people who’d love to try it but wouldn’t have a CLUE what to do with it. I’m just learning myself – realizing I don’t have to buy a $1700 plane ticket to have the same food here in the US.

  3. I bought some of this stuff at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend and my only complaint is that the jar is just too damn small. It’s only been 8 days and I’ve already used almost 3/4 of it.

    I made the chicken curry recipe last weekend and it was effin’ awesome and I’ve been experimenting with other uses ever since. (I added a bit to my dry BBQ rub. It did not suck.) This stuff is pretty goddamn amazing.

    I currently have some chicken in the fridge marinating in this stuff and a little apple cider vinegar. I think this time I’m going to add a bit more lemongrass and maybe some carrots and raisins for something a little sweeter. Probably not genuinely Sri Lankan, but I bet it’s gonna taste great.

    You coming back to the flea anytime soon? Because i need some more of that stuff. Seriously, I’ll get like 3 or 4 next time.

    1. Hey–
      Glad you liked the powder. I’m not going to be at the Flea for a few weeks, but you can get the powder at Kalustyan’s in Manhattan (28th & Lex)–ask for it by name.

      I’m also starting to sell online at To add a little sweetness, I usually add a tablespoon of tomato paste to the curry–also to thicken it and add some color.

      Glad you enjoyed it!


  4. Skiz,

    So pleased to see you on the Travel Channel. I’m a fan of Bourdain, but you really make the Sri Lanka episode worth watching. You do your wonderful culture a great justice. Your cookbook is worth reading and re-reading. Best of luck to you!

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