9 thoughts on “Sides”

  1. Dear Skiz

    Great website. I am definitely going to give your paripoo recipe a go.

    This is a request out of the blue and I’m sure you get requests to do stuff all the time but you don’t know until you try. I’m involved in a fundraising effort for a new US non-profit called Basic Needs. It’s first fundraising mission is to raise $10,000 to provide mental health support to people in Sri Lanka living in the camps for internally displaced people. Many of these people have been traumatized by years of fighinting in the North.

    I’m based in DC and would like to organize a fundraiser here and was wondering whether you and your culinary talents might want to get involved somehow.


  2. I have made the paripoo (have two quarts of it in my fridge now) and the mallung and both are grrrrreat.

    I have attempted the pol sambol but failed to get that perfect pink color, not-too-chunky-not-too-fine texture and the balance of tastes that I remember in places like Kandy and Weligama. I was using forozen coconut flakes. I wonder if that’s why?

    1.) Red or white onion?

    2.) Do you have any tips for mincing fresh coconut without investing in a special countertop coconut scraper crank machine? Doing it with a knife is kind of treacherous and takes hours.

    1. Hi Brett:

      Pol Sambol is tough to make according to recipe because the color, flavor and texture are all according to personal taste. If it gets too salty, you need to add more lime, if the color, as you say, is not right, you need to add more chili powder (cayenne, or paprika, if you don’t want the additional heat). As far as consistency, forget about using a knife to grind the coconut. You need a countertop grater or better yet a grindstone like they use in Sri Lanka. If you don’t have one a food processor will work fine. I just buy the flash frozen grated coconut that comes in the freezer section at the indian store already finely shredded. Also, I think sambol should have more an orangey color than pink. Let me know if that helps.


  3. This helps to know frozen is okay.

    I got some recently from The Curry Leaf restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO, maybe by a Sri Lankan-born lady and mine cannot compete – yet. Hers is just PERFECT texture, taste, color.

    Last question: Red onion or white?

  4. Your Pictures bring me to tears. Tears of desperation that is. I am cying for a ‘stringhopper feed’ now. ‘Sob’… will have to drive to staten island’s ‘lak bojun’ next weekend…! Thank you for your amazing work on this site skiz.

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