Curry Doesn’t Grow on Trees – But the Curry Leaf Does.

10 thoughts on “Curry Doesn’t Grow on Trees – But the Curry Leaf Does.”

  1. Curry leaves are indeed the most flavorful of all herbs! I was failing to produce the real Sri Lankan flavors without them – but once I got fresh leaves – KA BOOM! It was like a breakthrough into a psychedelic flavor dimension.

    I ordered a nice 2′ tall curry plant off of eBay ($25) and it has about 20 nice sprigs growing on it.

    I live in Colorado and my apartment isn’t sunny, so for the winter season I’ll be bringing it indoors with a flourescent setup for tropical plants like this one:

    1. Brett, do you know what company on ebay you bought them off of? And, what exactly is your set up for growing indoors? That link doesn’t go anywhere specific, I live in Colorado as well!

  2. I bought a 125 watt compact flourescent grow lamp on Amazon, brought my plant in for the winter and it is growing like crazy! It has about 40 sprigs, many of the new shoots are huge and have 22 to 25 leaves each!

  3. I was lucky to discover one of the curry branches I bought from Tesco in my hometown last year had 3 matured seeds! I planted them and now I had a bonsai Curry Tree on my terrase 😀

    I also used the young and tender shoots for traditional salad dipped in sambals. I learnt this trick from my mom who loved local herbs & vegetables. I’m lucky to be trained by her since little 😀

    I’m KIV your blog for reference. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Great to know that the curry tree will grow in non-tropical climes. I’ve got two little plants right now that I’m trying to nurture to adulthood.


  4. I’m selling my home & relocating to a bachelor flat with sunny enclosed balcony. I will miss my lovely herb & veg garden and my huge curry leaf tree, grown from a seedling over 9 yrs.
    The herbs can easily be replicated in pots, but I was worried about the curry leaf. Then I thought … bonsai ! My tree has a few seeds developing, and I will beg the new owners to keep the matured seeds for me (my young neighbours are buying my home). I’ve also taken a slip and will try to plant in a bonsai pot. Thanks … great to Google and find just what one is looking for! Blessings, Corinne

  5. Thanks, Skiz. I potted my first experiment today; curry leaf will wait for the seeds to develop!

    Thanks for the blog.


  6. We live in Pretoria, South Africa.
    We love curry leaves espesially in curries and flavouring rice.
    My daughter Michelle, bought a Curry Leave Tree with 4 leave shoots.
    The yough tree is not that happy, I need more nursing skills from experts please.

    Susanne Hertzog

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