Staten Island: Part 2

10 thoughts on “Staten Island: Part 2”

    1. That’s funny. I’ve been lobbying the Times for almost 2 years to do a story on the Staten Island Sri Lankan joints. At least they covered one of the better ones. The chef at SanRasa used to cook at Lakruwana which used to be open in mid-town. Do you like Chettinad food? There’s a fairly new place in Queens I want to try called Southern Spice next time I’m in the city.

      1. I do like Chettinad food very much. I didn’t know about Southern Spice, should try it out myself. I wonder if it’s close to Dosa Hut and Bowne. Have you been to Bowne, the Sri Lankan restaurant? I used to think it was good, but the last time I ordered from there the food was pretty insipid.

  1. Anthony B. was quite a drag at the beginning of your show! Yeah, Colombo can be a bit hot and crowded sometimes – but for someone who has traveled all over the world, I would expect him to be more hardy. He also stayed at a lame-o luxury hotel with old guys in medals and machine guns. Most of hotel I stayed at in Sri Lanka were much more humble and oozing with real hospitality.

    He gets all excited about African pig nuckles, Columbian intestine stew, and oversalted beans + hot dogs in Hawaii… and he doesn’t get hoppers with seeni sambol or incredible Bryiani?

    Although he put an undeservedly negative spin on Sri Lanka in the beginning – but I think the food footage will appeal to the right people.

    But c’mon… crows and machine guns? Yeah, I think I saw some of those in Sri Lanka but I was far too interested other things to notice much.

  2. Actually, what I remember most vividly is how darn friendly some of those ‘guys with machine guns’ were. When I arrived at the international airport and I was waiting for transport to Colombo, i remember one soliders laughing and joking (!!) with me. He asked where I was from and started making jokes and plesantries. He was cool like he was a host at a beach party – and it kind of struck me as odd. I had never seen security people be so overtly friendly before; it was my first taste of Sri Lankan vibe. In India, where I’d boarded the plane, most of the cops and soldiers had a kind of corrupt / scary vibe and had betel-nut-stained teeth and carried sticks. I was scared to even go up and talk to them.

    He should have talked to some of those guys with machine guns!

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