Food On The Road: Europe

4 thoughts on “Food On The Road: Europe”

  1. Nice write up! Gotta say I like Asian food more than continential stuff. Potatos and “white people spices” (as my Indonesian friend calls stuff like marjoram, thyme, parsley). As a mostly vegeterian, I think I would not dig the lunch meat breakfasts.

    Where can I hear your music?

    1. Thanks, Brett. I’m in Japan right now, having some much much better food than Europe. Will be posting some stuff from here very soon. And of course, when I’m back in the U.S., I’ll be contacting you about how to better promote the curry powder and the site. My label website is


  2. Interesting report. However, I feel I must point out that unless you are local to a country or region and know where to look, the likelihood of finding “good” food is limited. Born and brought up in the UK (of Latvian parentage, so I have extensive E. European food knowledge too), I have ALWAYS found wonderful food there. I also lived in Germany for 10 years and had no problem finding wonderful local fare there either. Having said that, I’ve been in GA for 5 years now and, with the exception of “ethnic” food, have yet to find anything “local” that I would even consider recommending to a visitor. Unless you love bathing in saturated fat, that is! That’s not to say I don’t love living here but if I were a visitor, I’d be seriously disappointed by what passes for local cuisine in the more touted establishments.
    My absolute favourite food is Indian and Sri Lankan and since there is nothing within reasonable driving distance I spend my time cooking these cuisines at home. I truly miss the days of living in Berlin, where I could find any cuisine I wanted, at a reasonable price and within a reasonable distance.

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