Sri Lankan Cooking Class — Nov. 20th — NYC

8 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Cooking Class — Nov. 20th — NYC”

  1. So… I will be in NYC just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Are there any good Sri Lankan restaurants in the Manhattan area? I read your posts on Staten Island, but I’ll be working and don’t think I’ll have time to leave Manhattan.

    1. Hi Jennifer:

      In Manhattan, I would recommend Sigiri, which is on First Ave between 5th and 6th (upstairs). Its not as good as the spots in Staten Island (San Rasa, New Asha) but you will definitely get a taste of real Sri Lankan food.

      Good eating!


    1. Oh yeah! Just got back to the city. The rest of the week id for exercise! I definitely ate and drank waaaay too much this weekend. Nice meeting y’all stay in touch. Peace!

    1. HI Mari:

      Nice meeting you at the festival–a lot of fun, huh? Anyway, you’re right. I need to do something like this in SF. If you have any contacts or know any cooking schools let me know! Thanks. Skiz

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