A Massive FoodBuzz

6 thoughts on “A Massive FoodBuzz”

  1. It was fun meeting you at the Festival! I agree, it’s so hard to eat, talk and be in the moment AND think about taking photos! (BTW, great photos… esp. the close up of the oyster. You’ve parked yourself for 1 hr? You beat my friends’ mom & brother who ate 6 dz EACH oyster. (They paid $1 at Happy Hr, and when they were ready for more, the restaurant told them no more.)

  2. It was great meeting you (oh so briefly) at Food Buzz! We met at the oysters on Friday and chatted gain later on the weekend about Sri Lankan restuarants in Los Angeles (South Bay). This is a great write up. Thanks GREG

  3. Oh man, you were in SF! Did you happen to find out if there are any Sri Lankan restaurants here? Did you have the chance to eat out?

    1. Hi erica:

      Sorry. I did try to look for and ask around for some Sri Lankan spots in SF, but I came up with nada. Apparently LA is where all the Lankans are and also several SL restaurants. But I love the food in SF. It’s probably the next best place to NYC to eat anything and everything. If you ever come to NYC I can recommend some good Sri Lankan restaurants.


  4. Thanks Skiz,

    I’m still looking forward to making a trip down to LA and eating at The Curry Bowl per your suggestion. Yuuummm…


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