No Res: Sri Lanka (deleted scene) — Malay Foods

3 thoughts on “No Res: Sri Lanka (deleted scene) — Malay Foods”

  1. Hey, went to this place per your advice. Hate to say it but man it was not what I thought it would be. the next door fish smell was horrid, and my friends and i could not eat there, and what they had did not seem well.. sanitary enough and i think they ran out of their stuff. There was no crab which i really wanted to try

    the better place was in the majestic city mall, just as great as this palce sans the flies, flith etc.

    no crab as well( i guess in summer time its not there)

    1. Sorry to hear that. They were closed last time I was in Sri Lanka (about a month ago). Are you sure you went to the right place, though, because there is no fish place next door, and they are usually pretty clean. Anyway, better luck next time.


  2. My family friend is a local, whose wife was from Rajagirya, and lived just down the street from the store. It was next to a general store and also right next to a dvd place, and was the same address as stated on the clip. There was no crab there as it was out of season
    Have you tried the majestic city food court? I would recommended it. As a person whose been to most food courts in Singapore, Malasiya, an d the Us that sell supposedly “authentic” food this place was top notch, every thing was just like the Malay foods place you went to. I only wish my stomach allowed me to eat more I would have tried different varieties, they had Thai, Sinhalese, Malay, Mongolion, American, Italian(more so your Westernized versions of so called Italian food)
    I went for the Malay, I had Nasi Goreng with Chili Chicken, no crab here as well.

    BUT I did have some mean crab curry, picked up the crabs on our way back from the Kali Kovil in Chilaw, and had my nana make it at home. Nothing like REAL Sri-Lankan food!


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