Pan Asian: Potato Koresh

3 thoughts on “Pan Asian: Potato Koresh”

  1. Peace,

    I just cooked this, and I must say it was very tasty. Thanks Mr Fernando. The last hearty winter stew before the weather heats up here in England, God willing!

    The flavour was interesting.. the split peas and fries give it an earthy flavour while the saffron and orange peel add distinction. I wish I could try some tomorrow when all the flavours have a chance to settle but it’s all gone! It fed 4 of us by the way (average sized portions), and probably would be enough to serve to 6.

    It’s fantastic to see you branching out into more northern climes for those of less experienced with South Asian spice levels. Now I’m looking forward to Pan Asia’s first Afghan dish!

    “Asia is a living body, and Afghanistan is its heart
    In the ruin of the heart lies the ruin of the body
    So long as the heart is free, the body remains free
    If not, it becomes a straw adrift on the wind.”
    -Muhammad Iqbal 1876-1938

    Peaceful wishes,

    1. Hey, man! Glad you liked. This must be very similar to Afghani food. I will definitely do an Afghan recipe in your honor though!


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