On The Road Again

9 thoughts on “On The Road Again”

  1. No fkn way! I’ve been reading your blog since I discovered you via NoRes and all this time somehow missed the Wordsound connection. Back when I was DJing a lot, Spectre was always an important “break glass in case of emergency” mood-fixer. Nice to see another musician/foodblogger combination…

  2. I love a good Albarino!!! The food looks incredible and the thought of it paired with the wine is making me drool.

    Love the site. I’ll have some free time soon and I’ll be trying a bunch of your recipes!

  3. I just got back off tour (I’m also a musician) and we bought a slowcooker for our tourbus.
    We managed to cook some great homecooked meals on the road – have a look. (I made chicken curry).
    Have linked to your blog by the way 🙂

  4. hey skiz,
    i bought “rice and curry” for my father as a birthday present (he`s very much into cooking, there are a few of his favorite recipes on his page: http://wieland-ulrichs.de/index.php –>”ulrichs küche”), and he seemed very happay with it. than he had to buy new spices 🙂

    best greetings from göttingen,

    1. Hey! Thanks, Lorenz. Hope he has some good cooking adventures with it. give him my email “curryfiend@gmail.com” if he has any questions.

      A little vacation in Portugal right now before I return home.

      Hope all is good with you.


      1. yep everything is fine here, a lot of change will happen within the next months, i`ll keep you updated! 🙂
        i`ll give my dad your e-mail-ad, as far as i know there are a few spices in your book he couldn´t find, maybe you could help him out there somehow.


  5. you missed “el pulpo a la feria”, as other good stuff at vigo but good selection with the wine white “albariño” from “rias baixas” land of narcos in the 90’s and even now

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