In Search of The Real Deal Jaffna Cuisine, Part 2

6 thoughts on “In Search of The Real Deal Jaffna Cuisine, Part 2”

  1. I tried rolex when I went to jaffna, and was not impressed, I also tried cosy and mega, which didnt impress me either. overall I didnt find jaffna food that interesting, or maybe I didnt try the right type of food. You should probably write post on the famous “thal” toddy of jaffna…which was really good!

  2. Oh man, this food looks OFF THE CHART!

    I admittedly don’t know much about quality Tamil food… I never really went looking for it… and just got some basic dosai and idly and street snacks.

    Thanks for documenting this… a rare culinary treasure that many people eating their garlic naans and palak praneer would never know about , if it weren’t for you !

  3. You’re really crazy for capscium pepper. I think you have an off the chart tolerance – which is nothing to be ashamed off… hard to find that kind of food, anywhere.

    I faintly remember eating something in a little Weligama shack with a Japanese surfer guy and him literally crying…a small tears running down his face… and the Sri Lankans being amused and him trying to smile about it. And I do recall a fish goodomba roti at a ‘lil stand near a bus stop in Kandy that was very “memorable” and each bit seemed to stop time 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s unfortunate but true, Brett. Because I’ve built up such a tolerance to chili, I need really need to use a lot of it in my cooking. But when I cook for others I need to use it very sparingly, so it’s a challenge.

  4. No, contrary to what one might think, the Jaffna dishes are a delicacy. They are hot and spicy but they do not give you an upset tummy because the chilli and the spices are roasted. And they are are a yummy combination with a fiery but smooth flavour.

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