In Search of The Real Deal Jaffna Cuisine, Part 3

4 thoughts on “In Search of The Real Deal Jaffna Cuisine, Part 3”

  1. Hi, nice post! I really like your post about In Search of The Real Deal Jaffna Cuisine.
    Love the picture! They are so cute.

    Keep the good work!

  2. We are trying to hunt down couple of places to eat in Jaffna and find our blog. I guess we have to wait until we are back in Jaffna to find some great typical Jaffna food 🙂

    We will be in Jaffna for 10 days … do you have some tips for us? On some interesting things to do and where to eat?

    1. Hey Fellaz:

      Nice blog! I have a post on places that I ate at in Jaffna (“The Real Deal Jaffna Cuisine” Pts 1-3). There are also several places in Colombo you should check out including Mayur Hotel, Yarl Hotel, and Yaal Cuisine (just key word search these in my blog to get to the post). Also try Katpaham in Colombo, which I took Anthony Bourdain too, but it never made the show. Really any place you find in Wellawatte will probably specialize in Jaffna cuisine because there are more Tamils here than even in Jaffna. But really the best Jaffna cuisine I have had has been in peoples’ houses, so if you happen to befriend someone up there you might be in for a treat.

      Good luck & Happy Eating!

      1. Thank you .. you also have a nice blog …. so much good food!

        I kept surfing a bit yesterday so I found all the places you ate at in Jaffna. Have you been to Mango? We are going there tonight. Heard they had impressive Dossa!

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