Burger’s King

6 thoughts on “Burger’s King”

  1. Eeenteresting stuff. On your next pass through Amsterdam, make sure you try a Surinamese bara met peper, basically a hole-and-everything black lentil flour doughnut with cumin (reflecting the Hindustani influence in Suriname), but punched up with a usually-blistering scotch bonnet relish…any Surinamese place will have them. Makes me think maybe the word “bara” is a corruption of “vada”, somehow never thought about it before…

  2. Next time you’re at Burger’s King, do a 180 and walk down Malay Street, and take the second turn to the right (just before the Air Force checkpoint). Try the first shop on your left (next to the Army surplus store). It’s got the most amazing bone marrow soup and bhabath (tripe) patties you’ll find.

  3. as you know i am currently in srilanka right now and about to try this tommorow or sometime before i leave july 21st. How was the chicken cordon bleu burger? im tempted to try that first.

  4. just tried the swarma, the cordon blu and the fanan burger. seriously awesome!

    i mentioned that you recommended me to this place and they asked you to come back, and tell more people about this awesome place.

    the only bad thing i can say about the palce is the size of the burgers and the amount of fries they give you, either way they are way better than mcdonalds, by far and they are beyond bang for your buck/rupee.

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