Temptations of lisBOA

8 thoughts on “Temptations of lisBOA”

  1. What a great report on Portuguese food!

    Portugal definitely is a good place to eat. Lisbon´s a bit more expensive than the rest of the country, but still cheaper than the majority of the european capitals!

      1. Hello

        I was in Lisbon end june 2010 and had a great time at Tentacoes de goa. I have been trying to get in contact with them but number have changed and I cannot find them. I am hoping to move to lisbon soon but I would like to find some contacts ???

        thanks and bon appetit !

      2. Great place, huh. I’m sure they haven’t closed because it seems like they do a pretty good business. There are some other Goan spots in Lisbon, but I never had a chance to check them out. I love all the portuguese food as well–such great and fresh seafood!


  2. I was lovely to find your report on Lisbon and our food. I’m from Lisbon, but at the moment I’m staying in Vienna. You made miss home!
    Thank you for showing the best we have. Thank you.
    We write bacalhau instead of bacalao. Portuguese say: ‘there are 1001 ways of cooking bacalhau’.


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