Fancy Food Show, NYC, June 27-29th 2010

One thought on “Fancy Food Show, NYC, June 27-29th 2010”

  1. very sweet!

    speaking of hot sauces and spices ever try Blair’s hot sauces?

    hes the guy that makes an extract so spicy that it made the guiness book of world records it is known as the 16millon reserve. 16 million being the scoville unit rating! it is just pure capicium(sp?) crystals. One guy who reviewed it said it put just one minuite crystal into a pot of pasta sauce and after he stewed it, he tried it. It made him want to claw his face off.

    he also has other reserves(he calls them reserves becasue they are the best of the best and the hottest of the hot) which are “lower” in scoville but still dam hot!

    the latest one is the halloween reserve with Ghost pepper and 16million reserve mixed!! now seriously thats insane!

    if they are sold out here you can get them at other places on the web and other chili stores.

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