I Am Therefore I Blog

18 thoughts on “I Am Therefore I Blog”

  1. Hey Skiz, I visited the foodbuzz and added you to ny facebook. I hope I will remember to vote on right dates 🙂 May be you can help us with a follow up post on those dated the voting begins!
    I like your stuff and Good luck!

  2. Not having cable, I rarely see No Reservations. However, while in Penang this summer I happened to catch the episode with you in Sri Lanka. I remembered meeting you briefly at the Foodbuzz Festival last year and was surprised to see you kicking it with Bourdain. Great episode, especially the scenes with your family. Good luck on the contest. You got my vote.

  3. Of course I’m going to vote for my fellow rice&____ blogger! 🙂 But really, I’m so excited to have found your blog through PFB. I’ve always want to learn more about Sri Lankan cooking, so I can’t wait to dig through your archives. Good luck in the competition!

  4. Mr. Skiz, I was a little backwards in the fact that I saw the No Reservations episode first, then started following your blog, but I’m so glad I did! I always enjoy the recipes and the comments that follow even though I’m not brave enough to eat “frog legs!” You’re story is inspiring and I wish you the best in this new competition!

    1. Miss Traci:

      Well thank you very much. I appreciate the support. And I promise to have many more delectable eats (besides the weird and wonderful) on my blog!


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