Pan Asian: Dry-Fried Chicken (Szechuan – Gan Bian Ji)

6 thoughts on “Pan Asian: Dry-Fried Chicken (Szechuan – Gan Bian Ji)”

  1. Peace Skiz. A suggestion from one of rice and curry’s fans: Though not a vegetarian, I’m convinced by the argument that historically most societies (I assume SL included) weren’t frequent carnivores until industrialisation of meat… so please consider more classic vegetarian recipes! I know SL has them in abundance.

    1. Actually, you are very correct. Before the Europeans came, most Sri Lankans subsisted on a diet of seafood, chicken and vegetables. Because the country is mostly Buddhist and Hindu, meat has never been very popular, but after 500 years of colonialism, all of that changed. But your point is well taken and I do owe the R&C massive some good veg dishes. Thanks, O! Hope you are doing well.

  2. I love this dish. I’ve eaten it for years. La zi ji is great too, but it requires deep frying marinated chicken cubes. Cooking with lots of oil is a part of Sichuanese cuisine. They even dip cooked slivers of chicken in cold spicy, aromatic oil dressings. Shui zhu yu and Shui zhu rou are warm dishes cooked in a bucket of flavored oil. Hot pot is oily stewed goodness.

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