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A friend and I have started a new supper club in Baltimore called Temporary Table and this is our inaugural event! Having spent time in Kerala, India learning how to make their cuisine, Asya Ollis and myself, your resident Sri  Lankan rice & curry fiend, decided it was time to make Baltimore a little more gastronomically progressive. Since there are no Sri Lankan or South Indian restaurants in town, we decided to start our own, but for one night only. Thus was born the Temporary Table, a roving supper club, in which we hope to feature new, original, and exciting menus for every event.  Our first dinner will be held  Thursday, February 24th 2011, and vegetarians and carnivores alike are both welcome as there will be plenty of good food for all to share. Ticket info is available at the end of the post, so if you happen to be in Baltimore on that night, please join us!

The Details:

@ The Abell Room of  The Womans Industrial Exchange

333 N. Charles St. (betw. Saratoga & Mulberry)

Baltimore, MD

Thursday, February 24th 2011 @ 7:00 P.M.

$25 to reserve a seat at the table (BYOB) — Space limited to 20 people

(For tickets, please visit ticketleap.com)

Featuring dual menus:

chicken curry

The Sri Lankan Menu

Prepared by Skiz Fernando



croquettes of spiced meat and fish deep fried to perfection.

Main Courses

Chicken Curry (kukulmas)

A traditional Sri Lankan curry served in a rich, coconut milk gravy.

Black Pork Curry (ooroomas kalupol)

A traditional Sri Lankan preparation using roasted coconut and spices to achieve its dark hue.

Sour Fish Curry (fish ambul thiyal)

A ‘dry’ (gravy-less) curry accented by the tart taste of gamboge (goraka), a sour fruit.

Sauteed greens (mallun)

Finely chopped greens quickly stir fried with onions, shredded coconut and spices.

Coconut sambol (pol sambal)

A popular Sri Lankan condiment made with shredded coconut, lime, ground chilies, and salt.

Sri Lankan Salad

Fresh tomato, cucumber, and red onion lightly dressed with lime-juice salt, black pepper, and chili flakes


Coconut Flan (wattalapam)

Sri Lanka’s version of crème caramel made with coconut milk and palm sugar.


wattalapam (coconut flan)


The South Indian Menu

Prepared by Asya Ollis


Pappaddum with assorted chutnies

Main Courses

Masoor Dhal with Toasted Coconut and Coriander

Green Bean Oolarthiathu

Green bean stir-fry with urad dhal

Spinach Pachadi

Spinach and yogurt infused with mustard seeds, red chilis and curry leaves


Mixed vegetable curry with tamarind and coconut

Cashew Lime Rice

Long grain rice with fresh lime juice, cashew nuts and channa dhal

Rosematta Rice

Rose-colored South Indian and Sri Lankan rice



Traditional South Indian pudding


Follow this link for tickets:

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