Flavors Of Southeast Asia: Cafe ASEAN — NYC

4 thoughts on “Flavors Of Southeast Asia: Cafe ASEAN — NYC”

  1. The ayam pangang is one of my absolute favorite dishes ever — I always get it every time I go there! Next time you return, you must try the tofu bakar, which is a dead ringer for Malay tauhu telor in Singapore (it’s incredibly good — firm tofu split open, filled with julienned vegetables and topped with spicy peanut sauce), and the mee goreng, a delicious hawker-style Malay/Indian noodle dish with tofu, shrimp and chicken. And, if he has the “Malaysian Wedding Rolls” on the specials menu, that’s a must. It’s his version of ngoh hiang, a very homespun Singaporean fried roll filled with five-spiced tinged pork etc. Enjoy! (And hope you’re enjoying A Tiger in the Kitchen, too!)

    1. Hey Cheryl:

      Nice to hear from you and thanks for the tips. Yes, your book really has a lot of resonance for me because I did almost the same thing several years ago. I dropped out of my life here for a year and went back to Sri Lanka to learn how to cook all the food I grew up with. I had intended to do a memoir like yours, but could not get a deal! So ended up just doing a cookbook, for which (surprisingly) I did get a deal (considering my agent told me to forget it if I was not a celebrity chef.) So the book, Rice&Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking is coming out next month. Anyway, you should come to the book party in December, and we should definitely get a meal next time I’m in the city. I have your email now, but mine is curryfiend@gmail.com.


  2. Hi there…congratulations on the book! I was just looking at the blog post about your Oct. 13 dinner and wishing that had existed when I lived in Baltimore. All the best with your book launch and I already can’t wait to cook from it…Cheers!

  3. That looks amazing! I don’t know if I’ve had authentic southeast asian cuisine before. The photos are great too. I definitely love any kind of Middle east cuisine and I’m sure the flavors are similar. I just went to this awesome Indian place in Queens called Sajni – one of the best places to eat in New York for sure. Great portions and prices as well. I must try this place downtown though. Thank you!

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