Lampreis To Go @ The Dutch Burgher Union

18 thoughts on “Lampreis To Go @ The Dutch Burgher Union”

    1. We were there last month and definitely will go back again next year the lamprice was the best so was the Love Cake and Milk Toffee saying that everything was fantastic.

  1. Sure. I also think we should buy two. I entertained a visitor with Lampreis but at the end he was licking his fingers an indication that it was tasty but also not enough. If you can add 10% more quantity for the same price it would be lovely. I felt embarassed at the end. Muthu

  2. Thanks for this, got a huge graving for the lamprais and going to Colombo in a few weeks. So hope they’re serving through xmas and new year.

  3. Mrs. Suranganie Gunasinghe, Sri Lankan food historian, amateur chef and owner of a spice company named CurryMate, has a recipe which she had gotten from an old recipe book and she says it is the original Lumpreis recipe. The only difference between your previous post and her recipe was her mixed meat curry contained beef, pork, mutton and liver. And she said the egg was a later addition a la buriyani rice.

    It was absolutely delicious and we used her recipe when I had a restaurant called Cafe Ceylon in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC in the mid 1990s and we used to make 150 lumpreis each day and sell them out in 30 minutes.

  4. Lampreis: Get yours before its all gone!!! In Canada,
    Hot Bread, 720 Burnhamthrope West , Unit 9B ,Mississauga, Ontario. Canada. work 416 -831- 0501 Mobile 416-232-6339

    Rice & Curry
    For the Love of Sri Lankan Food & All Things Spicy!!!

  5. Hi
    I am a dart player from South Africa. I heard that I can get a good game of darts at the DBU. Can you please send me some detail and contact persons.

  6. So how do you spell “lamprais” (as per the board) or lampreis – as per the web site? Would appreciate the real dutch spelling too….

  7. You can get the best authentic lamprais, better than DBU made by Joannes Cuisine. checkout made by the daughter of the former president of the DBU and grand daughter of Wilma Schokman, famous chef of yesteryear.

    She makes to her grandma’s recipe, and all our customers swear its better than the DBU.

    Prices are same as DBU with mixed meat at Rs 450 and chicken at Rs 450.


  8. I first tasted and learnt to make Lamprais from my Cookery teachers Mrs Lottie Jansz and her sister Miss Agnes Spittel of the Cuisine Milagiriya. They were sisters of wellknown Dr RL Spittel. One point made very clear was the correct spelling of Lamprais and of course yet to taste anything better.

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