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4 thoughts on “Home Cookin’”

  1. Hi Skiz, I have been looking for a gotu kola recipe but the only problem is here in the States we don’t have gotu kola. is there another herb that you recommend? Also, do you have recipes for gotu kola including any of the ones you posted on this article? They all look so delicious! I’m half Sri Lankan and my mom is Filipino who does not know very many Sri Lankan dishes so I am trying to learn them myself. Any help would be so great! =)

    1. Hi Rochelle:
      I love gotu kola, too, but unfortunately it is not available here. I’m told that gotu kola is a member of the parsely family, though, so maybe parsley might work. I have Sri Lankan cookbooks with recipes for gotu kola, but it seems useless to publish them since you cannot get it here.

  2. Just a note that I found Gotu Kola at the Blue Mont Nursery in Leesburg last year. I planted it outside and it came back again this year..it grows like a weed. Suprisingly, the nursery also called it “Gotu kola”..so check out the local nurseries.

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