The Sri Lankan Supper Club — Chicago

15 thoughts on “The Sri Lankan Supper Club — Chicago”

  1. Hi Skiz,

    What a fabulous idea and great way of promoting both your book and Sri Lankan cuisine. The menu sounds delicious. What a treat it was for those people to have a cookbook author cook for them.

  2. I live in Bloomingdale, Il and could you let me know if I could find a place where I could get stringhoppers?
    I know it must have been so good to eat sri lankan food.

  3. @ Marie Schubert. You can buy frozen string hoppers and many other sri lankan prepared food (frozen) from Patel Brothers on Devon Street, Chicago.

    1. No restaurants but on Facebook look for Ceylon Caterers in Chicago and they will custom make what you want for a reasonable price. Red string hoppers, cutlets, and some of those delicious stuff. Another option is order at, where I order my Sri Lankan Christmas cakes and even kisses.

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