“Rice & Curry” For The Kindle — Now Available from AMAZON!!!

3 thoughts on ““Rice & Curry” For The Kindle — Now Available from AMAZON!!!”

  1. Hi Skiz..so..your seeni sambol recipe in the book. Did you really mean 5 tablespoons of tamarind paste? If you ever edit the recipe..please provide the number of cups of onion that is required..the 1 lb threw me off, so perhaps that is why the tamarind was a bit too much.
    Great book though…i use it regularlyn

    1. Hi Arunie:
      I checked my original recipe (before it was copy edited) and I have 3 oz. of tamarind. This should not be paste (which is more concentrated) but actual tamarind, which is sold in blocks (filled with seeds). SO you need to dissolve this mass of tamarind in 1/4 cup of water or coconut milk to get the actual tamarind “juice” used in the recipe. My apologies as to how 3 oz. became 5 tablespoons. Some of my original measurements were converted when the book was copy-edited, but I should have caught that.

      As for the amount of onion, that is correct. 16 ounces is equivalent to a pound so if you have a measuring cup just fill it to one cup with chopped onion.

      Good luck!

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