Off The Eaten Path: Yarl Hotel, Colombo

2 thoughts on “Off The Eaten Path: Yarl Hotel, Colombo”

  1. Dude! I ate here about a week ago when I was in Colombo! That crab curry is delish! You might not find this interesting but the Yarl Hotel is semi-famous. Noted British food personality, Rick Stein, ate here whilst making a TV show on SE Asian seafood for the BBC. He proclaimed it the finest crab curry he had ever tasted. When I spoke to the older, bald dude at the restaurant, he said that the TV show had definitely brought him some business that he otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. Anyhow, small world!

  2. Love this place! Frequently go there on my own or with visiting friends and family for a spicy tasty meal that costs next to nothing. Love their crab curry and the unlimited serving of vege curries that come accompanied with rice, pittu, string hoppers, etc. Love their attention to service too!

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