Sri Lanka’s Post War Reconciliation — A Video

4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s Post War Reconciliation — A Video”

  1. Hi Skiz… excellent blog so glad to stumble upon it. Whilst I have had an extensive read… is there a link to… or do you have a list of ‘must’ eat foods in Sri Lanka whilst on hols and ‘must’ go to restaurants (like your Yaal example) for someone like myself that will be exploring Colombo and the rest of Sri Lanka for 3 weeks (unfortunately not Jaffna due to time constraints?

    Thanks again mate… will definitely be buying your book too

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t have a handy list of recommended places, but if you search “colombo” in search box, you will be able to access all the posts I did about restaurants there. Try “sri lanka” as well. And have a great time over there!


  2. I’m happy to say I am making a short trip to Sri Lanka in May. I’ll be over in India and am taking a week time to fly over to Sri Lanka for my second visit. I am actually planning on going up to Jaffna for some personal reasons, I know it will be a little different than laying on a resort in Negombo but I think it will be a great experience. No matter where I go on the island, I am looking forward to eating delicious REAL Sri Lankan food!!!!

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