Off The Eaten Path: ‘Little Pakistan’ (Brooklyn)

11 thoughts on “Off The Eaten Path: ‘Little Pakistan’ (Brooklyn)”

  1. Skiz, I love your videos with guided recipes. I would encourage you to take a trip to Richmond Hill Queens, NY. I grew up there in the 70’s and early 80’s but later moved to Boston to attend College and grad. school. I am West Indian by birth and Richmond has evolved into a cultural wealth of food, fashion, and family. I have not visited since 2006 but I heard it’s the place to be if anyone wants to experience a true Trinidadian Indian grove.

    1. Thanks, Indira! I love Queens, too. But because we are doing this show for BRIC which is the Brooklyn Independent TV channel, we have to focus all the shows on Brooklyn. The next one we are working on is Brooklyn’s Chinatown, so stay tuned. I personally love Caribbean food and have a Trini place near me, so it’s double all day! Also love the roti and the shark & bake. Thanks for watching!

  2. Skiz-You are the man that taught me how to cook Indian food. Thanks for being a great teacher and opening my eyes to some great cuisine!

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