New Horizons for The New Year

8 thoughts on “New Horizons for The New Year”

  1. That’s an awesome idea! Maybe next year I’ll return to Sri Lanka for another visit, if you don’t mind an itinerary that includes Jaffna.

    1. Hi John: Yes, I plan to eventually include Jaffna and the east coast on the tour, but I’m just starting out slowly and seeing how this tour goes first. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Its great what you are doing here I love that you are going around SL and showing the different food scenes. You are showing the beauty of what both Nations have to offer in culinary. Being born in Tamil Eelam (north east) I never had a chance to go to the south and try the sinhalese food. I love how you are bringing two nations together in a post war country through food! Great idea! People like you and I have to show the world that although we speak two different languages, have different religions, I being born in Tamil Eelam and you being born in Sri Lanka….that we speak through one language and that is food. Keep up the good work!

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