R.I.P. Arjuna

One thought on “R.I.P. Arjuna”

  1. Hello Skiz,
    Greetings from Melbourne., Happy Easter, and subha aluth avuruththak wewa!
    It seems as though we’ve lost another significant spirit. Lost? Not really! I believe that only “special”souls are “taken’ at this auspicious time. My father was one of them: 28 years ago. Although he did not have the privilege of passing on the day of his birth, 24th October, (he passed on 5th April 1989)… he was one of the most special people I have ever known, in my nearly three-score-years-and-ten on this earth. That happens on the 22nd May… you could have fooled me!
    My Dad, Arthur Vivian Gregg Nathanielsz, was born in 1914, in the Methodist Manse in Maradana, to a Sinhalese father, and Scottish/Irish mother. He was educated in England, from the age of 6, when his father “dumped” him in an exclusive private school, Taunton School in Somerset, where he was severely bullied, as a “black boy from the colonies” . Later, he enrolled at Loughborough College, to follow in the footsteps of his father, a Provincial Engineer back in Ceylon. In his final year, hr had an epiphany. He was “called back” spiritually to the land of his birth. He commenced employment as a Sub Inspector in the Ceylon Royal Colonial Police. He had found his calling. He cherished being posted to small police stations in the heart of Ceylon, Aturugiriya, and Uda Pussellawa, to name a couple. This was back in the early 1930’s. The highlight of Dad’s Police career was when he was awarded the King’s Police Medal for Gallantry.. he went into the jungle, unarmed, sat on a log and chatted with a serial murderer, brought him out of the jungle, and was present at his execution. Subsequently, he became Managing Trustee of the Lady Lochore Loan fund.
    With all the political turmoil in the late fifties, Sinhala Only policy, the assassination of SWRD Bandaranaike, the Tamil pogrom of 1958, my parents decided to emigrate to Melbourne. We arrived here in 1960, in the heart of the White Australia Policy, when we had to prove our genealogy to be 85% “white” (!)… of course, Dad was Eurasian, and Mum had Dutch Burgher origins, so we had little trouble, unlike so many that applied , then, and were “turned down”.
    Would you be interested in collaborating to make a film about the men of my father’s generation? They were fine, upstanding examples of the male race! I have been thinking along the lines of writing a tome about them.
    At the moment, it seems that my preferred genre is poetry.
    I am also a passionate gastronome, as you are! International cuisine. I had a business called CUISINE D’ AMOUR… a sole trader type, where I’ve catered for weddings, parties, anything… I was very privileged to work with a doyenne of Australian cuisine, Stephanie Alexander, for 10 years… a project which eventuated in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation… you must have heard of it? teaching primary school children how to grow, cook and eat healthy food, as an antidote to all the fast food rubbish available commercially today.
    If ever you would consider a visit to Melbourne, let me know… I live on Mt Dandenong, in Montrose, about 35 km out of Melbourne proper. My home is called AKASHA… I don’t need to translate that to you, do I!
    Cheers for now,
    Jeni Nathanielsz

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