Pan Asian: Chicken Adobo (Adobong Manok) — Phillipines

In Spanish cooking, adobo refers to a technique to preserve food by immersing it in a stock or sauce made of paprika, oregano, salt, garlic, and vinegar, which also enhances its flavor. It’s also the name given to the popular Filipino dish, Adobong Na Manok, by the Spanish explorers who stumbled upon the Phillipines, and … Continue reading Pan Asian: Chicken Adobo (Adobong Manok) — Phillipines

Adobong Na Manok

Nothing beats a hot meal on a frigid night—especially if you made it yourself (and in under an hour). Since I recently picked up a claypot or sandpot from my local Asian store for only $6.95, and I’ve been dying to try it out, I decided that tonight was the night. Armed with my cookbook … Continue reading Adobong Na Manok