Feeling Myanmar

Myanmar has been on my radar as a destination ever since seeing Tony Bourdain’s inaugural episode of Parts Unknown in 2013. He happened there at a unique moment when the country was slowly emerging from under the weight of military rule and opening up to the world. Bourdain was able to capture the place in … Continue reading Feeling Myanmar

R.I.P. Arjuna

It is with sadness that I must acknowledge the passing of a great friend and mentor, Thangarajah Arjuna, in Sri Lanka on this Easter Sunday, April 16th–the same day of his birth. I had known Arjuna for many years as the upstairs neighbor of my Aunty Dora in the small cluster of flats on Park … Continue reading R.I.P. Arjuna

Uzbek Cuisine @ The Silk Road Bistro (Baltimore)

Uzbekistan. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Herman Cain, the one-time, front-running Republican candidate for President in 2011, had absolutely no clue about who that country’s president was, and infamously stuttered, “Uzbecki, becki, beckistan” to buy some time. For the record, Uzbekistan, or more formally the Republic of Uzbekistan, lies smack dab in the middle … Continue reading Uzbek Cuisine @ The Silk Road Bistro (Baltimore)

On The Road: Sarajevo, Bosnia

  Just back from a visit to Bosnia & Hercegovina, one of the former states that comprised Yugoslavia, and a place steeped in history. Not only did the first world war start here, triggered by the assassination of Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinand, but more recently Bosnia suffered the scourge of a horrible regional … Continue reading On The Road: Sarajevo, Bosnia

Pan Asian: Bonjon Borani (Braised Spicy Eggplant) — Afghanistan

I’m lucky to live in a town with a truly incredible Afghan restaurant,  The Helmand (which, incidentally, is owned by Afghan President Hamid Kharzi’s elder brother Qayum). It’s white tableclothes and attentive service conjure a high-end feel, but the food itself is simple, unassuming, delicious, and downright affordable. Since I’ve eaten here countless times, I … Continue reading Pan Asian: Bonjon Borani (Braised Spicy Eggplant) — Afghanistan