R.I.P. Arjuna

It is with sadness that I must acknowledge the passing of a great friend and mentor, Thangarajah Arjuna, in Sri Lanka on this Easter Sunday, April 16th–the same day of his birth. I had known Arjuna for many years as the upstairs neighbor of my Aunty Dora in the small cluster of flats on Park … Continue reading R.I.P. Arjuna

On The Road: Sarajevo, Bosnia

  Just back from a visit to Bosnia & Hercegovina, one of the former states that comprised Yugoslavia, and a place steeped in history. Not only did the first world war start here, triggered by the assassination of Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinand, but more recently Bosnia suffered the scourge of a horrible regional … Continue reading On The Road: Sarajevo, Bosnia

Remembering Nimal

Across the street from my Aunt Dora’s flat in central Colombo is a small Buddhist temple nestled beneath the branches of a sacred Bo Tree. During the day, the little temple is a hub of activity as worshippers come to pay their respects. In the evenings, I like to watch as the tree’s magnificent limbs … Continue reading Remembering Nimal