No Reservations:Sri Lanka Day 4 – Lampreis

  Tony has a local guide for today’s on-camera segments so I’m technically off-duty, but I tag along anyway because I cannot pass up the chance to indulge in another one of my favorite Sri Lankan dishes, Lampreis. The Dutch name–pronounced  “lump rice,” and meaning the same–describes its main component, a generous mound of short-grain … Continue reading No Reservations:Sri Lanka Day 4 – Lampreis

No Reservations: Sri Lanka Day 2: Street Food

When Nimal, a local trishaw driver friend, arrives, Jared the segment producer and director Tom consult with cameramen Todd and Jerry about rigging his tiny vehicle for video. Three-wheeled trishaws are the preferred mode of transport around Colombo as they deftly, sometimes dangerously, squeeze through traffic, and I have enlisted Nimal to take us to … Continue reading No Reservations: Sri Lanka Day 2: Street Food

My First Curry

Chicken Curry (Kukul Mas) Food has always intrigued and delighted me. One of my most vivid memories as a child, in fact, is climbing up on the kitchen counters to search the cupboards for cookies or other goodies, and stumbling upon an endless assortment of jars containing my mother’s spices. This was my first introduction … Continue reading My First Curry