Feeling Myanmar

Myanmar has been on my radar as a destination ever since seeing Tony Bourdain’s inaugural episode of Parts Unknown in 2013. He happened there at a unique moment when the country was slowly emerging from under the weight of military rule and opening up to the world. Bourdain was able to capture the place in … Continue reading Feeling Myanmar

Remembering Nimal

Across the street from my Aunt Dora’s flat in central Colombo is a small Buddhist temple nestled beneath the branches of a sacred Bo Tree. During the day, the little temple is a hub of activity as worshippers come to pay their respects. In the evenings, I like to watch as the tree’s magnificent limbs … Continue reading Remembering Nimal

No Reservations: Sri Lanka Day 6 – Chilaw Crab Curry

After five straight days of eating and running, shooting and more eating, we have finally reached the last day of the shoot. Despite Tony’s shaky start and the nagging head cold I’ve been nursing all week—not to mention the jet-lag and heat we’ve all had to endure—everything has gone pretty smoothly and the crew seems … Continue reading No Reservations: Sri Lanka Day 6 – Chilaw Crab Curry