11 thoughts on “ANYONE For DESSERT?”

  1. This is an amazing recipe. I recently made it for extra credit on a global research paper for my world history class. Awesome. Thanks (:

  2. Shymala,
    Sounds goo, But can you tell me if you are teeming it in the own with the double boiler or on the regular cooker.


  3. Nice picture. I am a muslim living in Sri Lanka and we make watalappam for every occassion. We do not add corn flour (It is not necessary, the eggs alone will be enough to thicken the dish) and we strain only the beaten eggs. That is before mixing in the jaggery and the rest of the ingredients. Anyway a great blog. keep it up.

  4. I am totally going to make this at the weekend, if I can find some jaggery. My mother was from Burma and used to make something similar, maybe even the same.

  5. Looks absolutely delicious! my hubby’s all time fav. dessert and I must make this!!
    The prob is that I have no jaggery at all!! (Canada at present). Can I substitue jaggery with brown sugar (2 cups of brown sugar and 4 tsp maple syrup??) instead? (I looked it up and that was the best suggestion I found.

    Also, are u the fellow with Anthony Bourdain (sp??) when he went to SL for No Reservation show?
    Thank you!

    1. I have never tried to make this without jaggery, but you could try. But there are plenty of Sri Lankan stores in Toronoto especially where you could get jaggery. And, yes, I was the guy who took Anthony Bourdain to Sri Lanka.

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