1. Hi there my father was in Ceylon during the war. Its wonderful to get a feel of the place.
    Do you have idea of the conditions for the men in the Royal Artillary?
    Many thanks

    1. Dear Vernon ,,
      Your comment sure brought back many memories .The potgar family at vaverset place I remember going to the sea scout head quarters with your dad and the boys one was my class mate at stc . Sure I would like to get in touch
      B R L Fdo

      1. Hi Vernon and BRL. I remember you guys from STC. Wonderful times !!! Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil. Rohan C. Fernando. Mob. 55 11 9.9996.4439 Keep in touch.

  2. The writer couldn’t have said it better. Christmas in Sri Lanka has been the best – such a lot of wonderful memories. Thank you so much for posting this and for the Christmas pudding recipe.

  3. As a Kandy/Matale boy, we too enjoyed Christmas just like what has been described. After 50 years in Australia, my wife still makes the Christmas cake for the family every year and we enjoy the festive season with our friends. Thanks for the reminder. Trevor.


  4. After nearly 36 years of living in the California, USA I will never forget my Ceylonese upbringing. And when items mentioned in your blog it brought back many memories that I would never forget, ever. BTW Noel Cruz is a relative on my mother’s side (cousin).

  5. Thanks for the beautiful memories of our good old Sri Lanka we can never enjoy Christmas the way we did in our mother land, thanks Noel its wonderful memories.

  6. What a wonderful experience reading your description of the good old days in Ceylon. My children who are born in Canada have no comprehension of the wonderful time we had at Christmas. You forgot to mention the Salt Pork.Percival Smith.Canada

  7. Although i was born in the 70’s this article brought back so many precious memories. My mum who is an Ephraums and born in 1927 will recall a lot said in this article. I sure will make it a point to share this with her. Thank you!!

  8. Yes this article did bring back many wonderful memories of Christmas in Sri Lanka. My wife has once again made the typical Sri Lankan Christmas cake and it is much appreciated by all who taste it in New Zealand.

  9. Thanks for sharing this interesting article. It brings back lots of memories.
    My wife Jan is Australian and makes the Ceylon Christmas Cake every year tastes yummy. With our 3 children and their families all born in Australia we have a Ceylonese Christmas similar to your article. We lived in 152 Station Rd Nugegoda our familiy names were Beven and Kellars. I am an old Joe.

  10. Like Tammy I am a 70’s kid and first came from England on a 3 month holiday to Sri Lanka in 1978 at the age of 7, but memories of that holiday are so vividly etched in my mind. My parents settled down in Sri Lanka in 1980 and I was so lucky to have experienced so many Christmases in the most joyful manner as stated in the article….I felt like I was re living my childhood while reading Noel’s article. Thank you so much for the experience….words cannot express the appreciation and how grateful myself and many others who read this article would have felt and would continue to feel. BTW my mum was a Miss. Speldewinde and many like herself migrated to other parts of the wold in the early sixties. She just couldn’t stay away and came back to this beautiful Isle and that was how I came to experience what was probably the tail end of a by gone era….

  11. We left Ceylon in 1963 my Dad was a engin driver and we were stationed in Trincomalee. My Dad used to always help to mix the Christmas Cake and when it was ready we sent it to the bakers to be backed
    , The best child hood ever Christmas was fun and laughter, going to mid night mass meeting our friends at church Checking out the boys.Best Christmas ever.

  12. I remember this era very well, having been born in 1936. It was the most wonderful time in Ceylon (I still prefer to call it that). How I wish the clock could be turned back. We had such a good time, which our children and grandchildren will never have the good fortune to experience. How disappointingly different the present era is, in everyway. Thank you for bringing back the nice memories of yesteryear.

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